Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Household Chore Lists

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Beyond simply keeping the house clean and orderly, household chores are an excellent method to instil order and discipline in the home environment. More importantly, it may be a perfect opportunity for family bonding, with both parents and children having cleaning tasks to fulfil daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly, depending on their ages. Before keeping your living space in perfect order, you will want a master house chores list that will allow you to divide the jobs equitably. The work-share should also be shared among family members according to the places each family member uses most frequently. Yet, if you live alone, have a bigger house that you think you cannot manage or simply don’t have any time to do all the cleaning, hiring a house cleaning service, like Justlife, may also be the solution you need. Here are the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly home chores that you should take care of for an orderly household.


Daily Chores

  • Dusting and cleaning furniture and fixtures in the house.
  • Collecting the garbage.
  • Washing the dishes and utensils.
  • Disinfecting the kitchen.
  • Cleaning litter boxes and feeding pets.
  • Washing the laundry.
  • Cooking the meals.
  • Cleaning the bathroom.
  • Cleaning the floor with a broom and mop.
  • Vacuuming the carpets and rugs.



Weekly Chores

  • Keeping the grass and garden in good shape.
  • Changing and cleaning the bedding, as well as washing the automobile.
  • Cleaning the floors and carpets.
  • Cleaning the bathroom thoroughly.
  • Cleaning the clothes and other daily items.
  • Replacing the towels and drapes.



Monthly Chores

  • Cleaning and changing the air conditioner filters.
  • Cleaning or replacing the window blinds.
  • Cleaning the windows thoroughly.
  • Cleaning the kitchen equipment thoroughly.
  • Defrosting the refrigerator.
  • Grooming and bathing the pets.
  • Vacuuming the furniture and the drapes.



Yearly Chores

  • Getting rid of outdated furniture and fittings.
  • Organizing and cleaning the garage.
  • Donating old clothes and shoes.
  • Pruning the trees and shrubs.
  • Cleaning the carpets thoroughly and deeply.
  • Organizing the storage room and attic.


These may look like a burden to you, and you would be right. But unfortunately, many of us simply don’t have enough time on our hands to do household work. It may be wise to hire a maid service when this is the case. Among the many cleaning companies, choosing the right one for you may seem hard, but we are here to help you answer that question. Justlife provides you with outstanding service of house cleaning. With its professional maids and cleaning services, you’ll live in your dream home, an orderly and clean one. With Justlife, you save time for life!


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