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Making a cleaning checklist when you finally decide to clean your house may be just what you need. A cleaning checklist helps you as a cleaning guide, and as cleaning to-do list, listing all the things you need to do, from the hardest to the easiest. A home cleaning checklist, just like the one Justlife professionals use when they professionally clean a house, may answer the long-aged question of “How to clean a house properly?”. As Justlife, we prepared a house cleaning checklist that involves effort levels too, depending on your love for hygiene. You can also book a house cleaning appointment to have your house cleaned with a professional checklist, with Justlife. Save time for life, with Justlife.



Cleaning checklist effort level: 5


Caution! This is a cleaning lady checklist! We're betting that if you're taking on Level 5 cleaning duties, you're the one in your social group who arranges their closet by color. That is to say, you are willing to take on this challenge. In reality, you're probably only going to do these activities once or twice a year.


-Clean your fireplace and chimney.

-Clean behind and beneath all of your furniture and heavy appliances.

-Clean your doors thoroughly.

-Wash all of your window screens and give your windows a thorough cleaning.

-Clean your dryer vent.

-Clean the carpets

-Clean the gutters.



Cleaning checklist effort level: 4


You're still quite amazing if you prioritize the Level 4 cleaning list, especially to virtually anyone who passes through your door. Even if you accidentally cuss a few times while checking these items off, you're still in complete control of your home. Do these things every six months or so.


-Clean the inside of your oven.

-Clean the interior of your refrigerator and freezer.

-Make sure to vacuum your mattress.

-Was the cushions.

-Dust and vacuum your refrigerator’s shelves.

-Wash and dry your stove’s hood filter thoroughly.

-Clean drains and garbages thoroughly to avoid germ populations.



Effort level on the cleaning checklist: 3


It's a good idea to focus on the joyful sensation of crossing these items off your list because it's what creates a genuine, obvious change in most houses. Perform these tasks every three months or so.


-Clean leather and wood furniture.

-Clean the blinds.

-Vacuum your drapes and fabric blinds.

-Clean your baseboards.

-Shake out your rugs.

-Scrub any grout that is visible.

-Polish the stainless steel equipment.

-Clean the interior of your refrigerator and freezer.

-Descale and clean your coffee maker.



Level of work required to complete the cleaning checklist: 2


Double focus on these duties once or twice a month. It will maintain you in a constant condition of business potential. Nobody likes to have friends over only to discover that the ceiling fan is covered in dust. Do these tasks every two weeks or so.


-Clean and disinfect your trash cans.

-Replace your bedding.

-Throw away any food that has gone bad.

-Disinfect doorknobs, light switches, and TV remotes.

-Clean ceiling fans and vents.

-Clean and polish the mirrors.

-Vacuum the floors and furnishings.

-Scrub the flooring of your bathroom.

-Clean the cooktop.

-Clean your kitchen cabinets with a damp cloth.

-Clean the microwave.

-Clean kitchen appliances.

-Disinfect the toilet.

-Clean and scrub the bathroom.



Effort level on the cleaning checklist: 1


Finally, the duties that make your environment feel like home are the cherry on top. Look-at-how-attentive-you-are-to-every-detail, the ones that inadvertently make you feel superior to your peers. On a daily basis, try to fulfill these tasks.


-Make the bed

-Disinfect the soiled dishes

-Dust the hard surfaces.

-Clean and disinfect countertops.

-Disinfect the kitchen sink by scrubbing it.

-Do the dishes.

-Throw out any food that has gone bad.

We know that this checklist may seem scary to some people who dislike cleaning. Thankfully, Justlife is here to help! Justlife provides all your light house cleaning needs such as vacuuming the floor and mopping as well as heavy ones such as carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, sofa cleaning and many more! You’ll be saving time for life, with Justlife!


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