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Cleaning Services in Dubai

Cleaning Services in Dubai

Book the Best Cleaning Services Dubai for AED 35 per hour

Best Cleaning Services Dubai

Have you ever wondered how few people have a spotless home whenever you visit them? Cleaning and maintaining a home takes time and effort. Maintaining a clean organized house helps you to keep your thoughts organized. A clean house gives you time for yourself and your family. We aim on helping you keep one of your worries at bay and make sure that you walk in a clutter free and relaxed scented home at the end of your day. A home where your kids can roam around freely. You can sit at your favorite spot and have your tea without worrying about cleaning it. An organized, clean and well maintained home where you invite your friends and family whenever you want. A home where you don’t have to worry about the dust on your photo frames or the dirty dishes in the sink or that stain on your carpet. 

We have made it easy for you now with just a few clicks on your smartphone. Dubai’s best cleaning service is at your fingertips now, your trustworthy Justlife. Book professional cleaning services in just a minute with your smartphone.

Justlife will provide you with reliable and trustworthy professionals for cleaning your home. Justlife cleaning professionals are well trained and fluent in English. The professionals have been interviewed in-person with proper background and reference check. Just let us know the requirements and we will be there at your doorstep to make your life easy. If you need end to end thorough cleaning or specific areas to be cleaned or an after party cleaning, we are there for you. Justlife’s cleaning services are also available for cleaning offices and schools. Your cleaning is done at your preferred time with Justlife’s best cleaning service in Dubai.

Justlife cleaning services:

Our cleaning services include removal of stains, dusting, cleaning appliances, garbage removal, scrubbing, sanitizing bathrooms, cleaning furniture, deodorizing the entire house. The service will make sure that your home is absolutely spotless. 

Home cleaning

We understand cleaning home is a big task. Whenever your need detailed cleaning, you need our home cleaning service. Home cleaning service is perfect when you have guests over, parties, get-togethers, weekly cleaning, moving into a new house or moving out of one. 

Justlife cleaning service Dubai excels at cleaning the home efficiently and fast. 

We will dust and wipe every accessible surface at your home. Wipe down all the tables, chairs, sofas, curtains, mattress and other surfaces. Clean and wipe every electronic appliance present at home like microwave, oven, fridge, lights, television, speakers. Vacuum your carpets and mop your floors. We will make sure to take the trash out and replace the trash bags. Complete cleaning of the toilets, showers, tubs, mirrors, fixtures, sink will also be included in the home cleaning service. We will hang your towels neatly, make the bed and also replace the linens if you have kept the fresh ones outside. You don’t have to worry at all about the clothes piled up on the chair or lying around on the floor. We will pick them up and fold them neatly.  

Specific cleaning service

We also specialize in specific cleaning. Services for your specific need like school cleaning, curtain cleaning, mattress cleaning or carpet cleaning at home or office are also available.

Justlife cleaning will completely transform your home and work space. Justlife works at your convenience. Just let us know how often you want cleaning service performed and book.


How to book cleaning service?

  • Download the Justlife app on your smartphone

  • Specify the details of the cleaning

  • Choose the date and time

  • Enter your contact details

Leave your cleaning worries to us and enjoy your free time.


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