How to Make Your Home Look Neater

How to Make Your Home Look Neater

Our home is like our sanctuary. It’s where we end up almost every day, relax, have fun and spend time with our loved ones. We all want our sanctuary to be cosy, neat and welcoming. With a few simple tricks, you can easily make your home sweet home look neater. But in the end, it’s your house and about what you like and what you want to see in your house. We can only show you the way but the rest is on you to improvise.

Rug: Rugs are a great way to change the look in the room. It definitely adds a neat look into it but if only you choose the right one. If you pick a very small one then it would look like it doesn’t belong to that room. Go for rugs that you can place your sofa’s front legs on the rug and if chairs are facing the sofa, the chairs’ legs should be on the rug as well. So when you pick a rug for any room pay attention to this piece of information.

Light fixtures: This is a game-changer. Without changing many things in the room you can change the whole look with a touch. Upgrading your basic light fixtures with an elegant one will complete the space. Choosing the right size is very important as the wrong size could be very distracting.

Furniture sets: Go creative and match the furnishings in the house. That is a great opportunity to make your house look more ‘you’ without spending a penny. You can also paint your furniture to give them more a customised look.

Plants: Say goodbye to faux plants no matter how real they look, remember they are not real. Instead, opt for real plants. There is a plant for every circumstance. Once you replace your faux plants with the real ones you will notice the absolute and instant change of the look and energy. If you need help picking the right plants for your house have a look at our previous posts: bring the outside in and indoor gardening. While you are deciding which one is best for you, keep in mind that you should never place your plant on the rug as it might seep from the bottom and ruin the rug. If your carpet has already a stain caused by plant pots book a carpet cleaning session from Justmop professional cleaning service and just enjoy your greenery while they handle the stain.

Use real plants instead of faux plants to upgrade your home look.

Walls: Don’t hang meaningless stuff on your walls just to fill them. What you hang on your walls should be a passion or a memory. Otherwise, you would get bored easily and might not give the neat look you want for your home. Pick something meaningful for you to hang and personalise your walls. It would give a more cosy feeling if you hang them at eye level. Don’t neglect your walls. Before hanging your decorative items or art pieces clean the walls. If you don’t feel like deep cleaning book a cleaning session for a cleaning service or a full-time maid service to handle deep cleaning regularly.

Entry: Your house’s entry is like your house’s makeup. It’s the first thing you and your guests see. A messy entry would give a cheap and unorganised look. There should be a space to hang jackets, storage for shoes, a bench to wear shoes. Organise your entry for a welcoming and a neater house.

Always keep the entry well-organised for a neat look.

Accessories: One of the many things that makes a house a home is your personal items and how you arrange them. Be creative and free. Use your everyday items to decorate your house. Little and genuine touches will make your home neater.

Windows: When you don’t have curtains or blinds on the windows it looks like you just moved in or about to move out. Make your space more ‘you’ by hanging what is best for your windows. And also don’t neglect your windows and clean them regularly. If it’s a real hassle for you it’s not for Justmop. You can always book a cleaning session with Justmop and have your windows cleaned.

Make your house your home sweet home, your sanctuary and more ‘you’ with these little touches. While you deal with the decorations Justmop can help you with the cleaning and household chores. A neat home is a well-organised, clean, personalised one. Book a cleaning session now and take the first steps for a neater house if you haven’t already!

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