Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Ironing Services in UAE

Laundry, Dry Cleaning and Ironing Services in UAE

Book your dry cleaning & laundry pick up now in United Arab Emirates

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Prices

We are now doing your laundry and dry cleaning too! At Justlife, we have one mission and it is to give you back your most valuable asset: Your Time. After listening to very valuable feedback from our customers, we are proud to introduce our laundry service with the free same-day collection and next-day delivery.


You can click on "book now" and schedule your pick up time in less than 60 seconds. Our laundry experts will show up at your door to collect your laundry items. You can book 7 days a week from 8 am until 9 pm. We will come, we will collect your items and you will only be charged once we deliver your fresh clothes back to your door.


All You Can Wash Bags 


Small Bag (AED)

Big Bag (AED)
 Wash & Fold




 Wash & Iron 


Home Care    75

1. VAT of 5% is not included.
2. Size of small bag: 59x40 cm bag - equivalent to 1 laundry load.
3. Size of big bag: 72x50 cm bag - equivalent to 2 laundry loads
4. Charged by the number of bags.
5. Wash & Fold: Washing and tumble dry, 40 degrees Celsius (no ironing).
6. Iron or Wash & Iron: Only valid for tops and bottoms.


Items Pressing Wash and Press Dry Clean
Shirt 6 10 11
T-Shirt 5 9 11
Blouse 6 9 11
Silk blouse 5 - 11
Sweater/Pullover 7 9 12
Cardigan  7 - 12
Tracksuit Jacket 10 12 18
Silk, 1 -Piece 11 - 18


Items Pressing Wash and Press Dry Cleaning
Trousers/pants 6 11 11
Jeans 6 11 11
Shorts 4 9 10
Tracksuits Pants 6 11 15


Items Pressing Wash and Press Dry Cleaning
Blanket (Single) - 20 -
Blanket (Double) - 25 -
Blanket (Children) - 17 -
Bedsheet (Single) 7 8 -
Bedsheet (Double) 5 12 -
Bedsheet Set 6 18 20
Pillow - 12 -
Pillowcase 3 4 5
Duvet (Single) - 30 -
Duvet (Double) - 35 -
Duvet (Children) - 25 -
Duvet Cover - 15 -
Bathrobe - 10 -
Bath Towel (Small) - 6 -
Bath Towel (Large) - 8 -
Hand Towel - 5 -

Formal Wear/Others

Items Pressing Wash and Press Dry Cleaning
Dress (Normal) 12 24 22
Dress (Evening) 15 - 22
Maxi Dress 12 14 22
Fancy Dress 12 16 22
Childress Fancy Dress 7 10 15
Suit (2-piece) 25 - 39
Suite (3-piece) 27 - 45
Ladies Suit 21 -  
Suit Jacket 21 - 25




Items Pressing Wash and Press Dry Cleaning
Ghutra 4 6 6
Kandura 9 15 15
Shimag 3 7 6
Dishdasha summer 9 15 15
Dishdasha winter 9 15 15
Dishdasha  9 15 15
Abaya 9 18 15
Saree 25 30 35
Hijab/Scarf 4 6 6
Punjabi 10 13 25
Besht 12 - 12
Winter Besht 12 - 12
Niqab 4 8 12


1) Do you have any delivery fees?
No. We do not have any delivery fees.

2) How do I know how much my total order amount is?
We will bring an itemized receipt which will give you the details of the total fees when we deliver your order.

3) How do I pay?
You can pay by credit card or cash upon the receipt of your fresh clothes.

4) How do you clean my clothes?
Our laundry experts look at your items' care labels at our facilities and decide whether it would be washed or dry cleaned. We will choose the optimal cleaning option for your clothes.

5) Can you remove all the stains?
Our trained specialists use the latest technology equipment and stain removal products at our facilities. We cannot guarantee all the stains would be removed but we can guarantee we are going to do everything in our resources to remove them. Please let us know about your specific stain removal instructions when our delivery people come to collect your clothes.

6) Are there any items you cannot clean?
We clean anything that is on our pricing table.

7) Who cleans my clothes?
We have certified, highly-trained 3rd party dry cleaners that clean your clothes in the best way possible.

8) What should I do for my first pick-up?
All you need to do is have your items to be cleaned ready for our delivery people to collect. We will come up with our bag to place all your items in. You can also place your items in a bag yourself. Let the delivery specialist know about any special instructions and wait for your fresh laundry to be delivered the next day.

9) Do I have to be home when you come to collect or drop my laundry?
Not necessarily. You can leave your bag outside your door or with your security (if allowed). Please let us know about where you would like us to drop your clothes in case you will not be home.

10) When do I get back my clean items?
We will deliver your items the next day after 6 pm. We have no extra charges for the next day delivery.

11) What is your damaged item policy?
We have a team of experts who are specifically trained to give the utmost care for your items. However, in the rare case of damage, Justlife's liability is limited to 5 times the value of the laundry/dry cleaning charges.

12) How do you deliver my items?
Shirts and blouses will be on hanger unless otherwise is instructed.

13) At what times can my order be collected or delivered?
We pick up every day from 8 am until 9 pm. Our delivery will happen the next day after 6 pm unless you have special instructions.

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