Keeping Your Sports Gear Clean and Fresh

Keeping Your Sports Gear Clean and Fresh

Finding motivation for sport can be challenging sometimes. But actually, once you start it becomes an avalanche and gets easier each day. Keeping your sports gear clean and fresh helps you to increase your motivation. Nobody would wish to wear smelly gear after all. Keeping your gear clean is not only important for the motivation but also for your health. Gear that is not being cleaned regularly produces bacteria and mould. With a few simple tricks, you can be free of bacteria and mould.

Own a couple of pairs: If you only have one or two pairs of sports gear it might mean that you have to wear it more than once which is not good as you keep bacterias and bad smell with you. If you have more gear you can wash one and wear another one. You don’t have to spend a fortune for your gear you can easily find cheap but good quality outfits in outlets or keep an eye out for sales.

Own a couple of pairs of sports outfit so you can wear a different one for workout while the other one is being washed.

Airing the gear: After every work out take out your outfit from the gym bag and air them, preferably in the sun. The sun helps to get rid of bacteria. If you keep them in the bag for too long bad smells will stick on them and you might not get rid of the smell after the wash. Don’t forget to air your gym bag and shoes as well.

Refreshing the gear: You can make a very nice scented, natural disinfectant spray to refresh and disinfect your gear. Use this for your yoga mat, your bag, everything you keep in the bag after each workout. Grab a small spray bottle and fill it with spring water, add a few drops of tea tree essential oils and a few drops of lavender essential oil. Keep this in your bag to naturally refresh and disinfect your gear.

Bad smell of the shoes: Even though you air them after each work out the smell might stay. But it means that you have done a great work out, we are proud of you! Still, you have to get rid of that annoying smell. You can try to wash them but it might shorten its life so try not to do this very often. Instead, try to sprinkle baking soda in and let it sit until the next use. Baking soda will absorb the bad smell and refresh the shoes. It would be perfect if you do it after every workout and leave it airing with the baking soda.

Baking soda is all you need to get rid of the bad smell and refresh your sports shoes.

Water bottle: You should definitely have a few water bottles for sport. The water bottle should be washed after each workout. You can simply do it by hand but every once in a while you should put it in the dishwasher for deeper cleaning. When you do that a second water bottle would be useful since the dishwasher might not be full right away. Mould could be very dangerous for your health. Never use a bottle with mould. But don’t throw it away either. Put a few drops bleach and hot water in it, give it a good shake and leave it for a few hours. Your bottle is brand new!

Sport is good for your body, mind and soul. But don’t get unhealthy while trying to be healthy. To avoid bacterias, germs, bad smell and mould keep your sports gear clean. If you feel dragged away from laundry, cleaning and all those sorts of stuff you can book a full-time maid service. Justmop full-time maid service can keep everything clean and fresh for you, and of course, it’s not limited to your sports gear but everything! Book now!

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