Make Your Windows Shine Again

Make Your Windows Shine Again

If you can’t see the sun shining outside you know what it means: window cleaning! Stop worrying for a second and hear us out, we got your back. It might sound like a big hassle but with the right equipment and tricks, it’s not. All the dirt and fingerprints blocking the sun will go away thanks to these simple tricks.

The right time to clean: You may think that the time of the day you do the cleaning could be related to bright windows but the warmth of the sun causes the cleaning solution to dry up fast and causes spots and streaks on the windows. If you select the right time your task will be accomplished with less hassle. The right time of day would be early morning or night hours when the sun’s rays are not directly hitting the windows.

The best tool for cleaning: If you don’t choose the right equipment then you double the hassle. Before you start cleaning you should know which cloth or tool you should pick for perfect windows cleaning. Wrong clothes or towels could leave debris and lint on your windows and you would end up with dirtier windows. The hack here is to use newspaper for proper window cleaning. You can double the effect with a microfiber cloth. The best combination is the cleaning solution and some water along with newspaper or a microfiber cloth. Using a squeegee could be another option. Avoid using hard bristle brushes which could damage the windows.

The best tool

The best DIY cleaning solution: Instead of using commercial window cleaning solutions you can easily make your own solution. Mix 1 cup of warm water with 1 cup white vinegar. Shake it well and you are good to go! You can add just a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the solution for grimy kitchen windows. Don’t use too much dishwashing liquid to avoid a soapy layer on the windows and rinse with water after cleaning the windows with a vinegar-soap solution. Alternatively, you can try black tea as a cleaning solution. Brew a strong cup of tea and let it cool down. Spray it on the windows and wipe away with a microfiber cloth or newspaper.

The best way to clean the remains of stickers: It’s highly possible to have weird stickers on your windows if you have small children running in the house. No matter the reason why you ended up with stickers on the windows you can easily get rid of the sticky remains with the help of rubbing alcohol.

The best way to clean hard water spots: You can try the vinegar solution on bathroom windows, mirrors and shower doors to resolve the hard water spots. If the remains are stubborn try dryer sheets on them.

White vinegar is the best cleaning solution for windows cleaning.

The best way to clean window tracks: You can’t say you have clean windows unless you clean the tracks as well. If you don’t clean these areas regularly it will end up being too gross to touch. Because it’s narrow you will need a sponge brush or a toothbrush to clean the area. First, sprinkle baking soda in these narrow tracks and pour some vinegar on it. Leave it 5-10 minutes depending on how dirty it is, then use the sponge or toothbrush to wipe away the gunk.

The best way to clean the nets: If you can take the nets off of course the way would be to wash them. If not you can use a lint roller to get rid of the dirt, dust or spider webs. After that, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it clean.

The best way to keep the windows spotless: After making your windows bright and spotless you would want to keep them spotless at least for a while. You can use glass treatment which makes water roll off the areas you use.

It’s definitely the right time to let the sun in the house before it’s too hot and all you want is a bit of shade. If you need a hand with window cleaning you can count on Justmop cleaning services. Justmop’s professional deep cleaning team will have your windows clean for you. If you need more help then our window cleaning full-time maid services are here for you too. Don’t forget to have a look at Justmop cleaning services. There is at least one cleaning service that you might need.

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