Newspapers for Cleaning Purposes

Newspapers for Cleaning Purposes

It’s the digital era. Almost everything is reachable online hence newspaper use has decreased. But if you are old school and still keep buying newspapers then we are glad to share great ways to recycle them.

Cleaning windows and mirrors: You can try every possible cloth but it won’t do better than newspapers. It can clean your windows and mirrors without leaving any marks or scratches. Vinegar and water combination would help you get the best result.

When it comes to clean windows newspaper is the best option.

Lining birdcage: It can be a real nightmare to clean the birdcage. But thanks to old newspapers you can cover the bottom of the cage with them and avoid dirt sticking to the bottom.

Cleaning your barbeque grill: We all like barbeque but not cleaning it. Likely there is an easy way to clean the grill. Dampen old newspapers and spread on the barbeque. Keep it like that for a while and wipe the grill with paper then clean it.

Removing grease from glass: Soak some old newspaper with vinegar and wipe the glass with it. It will remove the grease away.

Packing: If you are planning to move in the near future then never throw away old newspapers. You can wrap your stuff with old newspaper.

Neutralizing the smell: Newspapers can absorb the bad smell. If bad odours are coming from the fridge you can make a ball out of newspapers and place it in the fridge. It will neutralize the colour.

Cleaning broken glass pieces: It can be dangerous to pick up broken glass pieces. Start with picking up big pieces and dampen a ball of paper to wipe the floor with it.

Use newspaper to pick up broken glass pieces.

Ripening fruits and vegetables: It’s almost impossible to find the right avocado. With the help of old newspapers, you can ripen avocado faster. You can do this for every fruit and vegetable.

Lining cat litter box: This can be tough if you have many cats but give it a try if you have only one cat. Place old newspapers bottom of the litter box. It will absorb the odour and make it easier to clean it.

Gardening: Newspapers are natural weed killers. Dampen old newspapers before laying on the ground.

Brighten black shoes: If you have an important meeting and noticed that your black shoes are not shiny anymore and you don’t have any shoe polish. Don’t worry newspapers will make them shine as new. Just rub your shoes with old newspapers.

There are many more ways to use and recycle old newspapers. If you would like to share how you recycle them please leave us comments.

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