Schedule Your Spring Cleaning

Schedule Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is here! Getting your house clean will renew the energy in the house and make you ready for spring. Don’t make excuses to start spring cleaning. We have created the best schedule for you. If you follow these steps your house will be clean and bright in 8 hours.

Bathroom: Start with your bathroom. It will take just an hour to clean a standard sized bathroom. An easy start for spring cleaning.

1) First step is to vacuum and wipe the walls, if it is possible, the ceiling. If you clean them annually you won’t have to deal with irremovable grime.

2) Replace all rugs you have in the bathroom with new ones. Wash the old ones and swap them regularly.

3) Wipe mirrors, windows and inside of windows. You may not believe but newspaper is the best for cleaning mirrors and windows.

4) Rub all the chromes, taps with cleaning products. Wash shower, tub, sink and toilet. You can leave the product to do its magic for few minutes and use this time to wash the rugs or do another task in another room.

5) Last step should be mopping the floor. Always leave this to the end. Because other tasks may ruin your floor.

Start your spring cleaning with your bathroom.

Bedrooms: Of course it depends on how many rooms you have but two bedrooms will approximately take two hours.

1) Start with vacuuming and wiping the walls and if possible the ceiling. If you don’t clean the ceiling regularly all the dust will fall over your bed and cause more dust in the room.

2) Clean the mattress. Mix 5 tbs of baking soda and 5 drops of lavender oil. Sieve the mixture over the mattress, let it sit for an hour and vacuum up.

3) Wash all the linens even the decoration items. After vacuuming the mattress change with new linens.

4) Wipe mirrors, windows and inside the windows.

5) If you have small rugs and if of course if they are washable, toss them into the washing machine. If not, you can shampoo or steam clean big rugs and also the carpets.

6) Last step is to let the fresh air in! This will also reduce the allergens and germs.

Clean the ceiling and dust off the fan blades before vacuuming the floor.

Kitchen: If you regularly clean your kitchen your spring cleaning might take less but this step would probably take around two hours.

1) Clean the fridge and freezer. Take everything inside the fridge out. Clean shelves and drawers with a damp cloth. Wipe the door and the handle as well.

2) Degrease cooking appliances. Put the stove grates in zipper storage bags filled with ammonia and let them sit for few minutes. After few minutes remove the grates, rinse them off. Now you can easily get rid of any annoying stains. Clean the oven and/or microwave. Heat a cup of water with a lemon piece at high temperature until the oven window becomes steamy. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then clean it with a cloth.

3) Wipe windows and inside the windows.

4) Wash surfaces and cabinets. Top of the cabinets and fridge are not easily reachable. So it’s important that you clean those areas while you are doing spring cleaning. Wipe cabinets with the right cleaning product. Don’t damage the surface. It’s necessary to clean inside cabinet as well as the outside. During time the inside of the cabinets may become dusty. Take every piece out and clean it with a damp cloth.

5) Sweep, vacuum and mop the floor.

Don’t forget to dust off inside the cabinets.

Living room: You have come so far just few tasks to go and you will be proudly lying on your couch watching your masterpiece.

1) Start with vacuuming and wiping the walls and if possible the ceiling.

2) Dust off your fan blades. You can use an old pillowcase to clean it. It’s better you do it before vacuuming the floor.

3) Care for your sofa. If there are stubborn stains that doesn’t come off you can take a look at this post to learn how to clean your sofa. If a bad odour annoys you sprinkle baking soda all over and let it sit there for few hours then vacuum. Baking soda will take away all the bad odour.

4) Wash your lightbulbs. You can wash them if they are detachable if not you can use a dry microfiber cloth to clean them.

5) Wipe mirrors, windows and inside the windows.

6) Dust electronics. Use a microfiber cloth as it’s the best way to dust off the electronics. If you have a TV stand move everything in and on it then dust it off to get rid off the dust.

7) Wash your carpets and rugs. You are one task away from finishing. Shampoo or steam clean big carpets and wash small rugs.

8) Now, open the windows to feel the spring and order your favourite meal. You definitely deserved it!

When you finish let the fresh air in and celebrate the spring.

All these tasks may help you to finish your spring cleaning just in 8 hours but can you imagine what would you do other than cleaning in 8 hours? Seeking help from professional may save you all these hours. Book a maid now and spare these 8 hours for yourself!

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