The Most Forgotten Place To Clean In Your House

The Most Forgotten Place To Clean In Your House

Cleaning and mopping is a routine activity done in almost all the houses. It leaves the room sparkling, bright and fresh. But what about those areas that are used almost daily but not cleaned properly? Yes, there are innumerable places in the house that are completely forgotten when it comes to cleaning. These are mainly equipment or gadgets that you use to make your everyday life easier.

1) Dishwasher: You might ask what is the need to clean a dishwasher when it always runs with soap and water? There is always a chance that molds, stains and odor might set in, if the dishwasher remains idle for few days. Hence, it is advisable to clean the dishwasher using vinegar at least once in a while.

Clean the dishwasher periodically with vinegar.

2) Washing machine: Just like dishwasher, molds and odor can set in a washing machine. Put baking soda in the detergent tray of the machine and complete a cycle to clean the interior. Alternatively, you can also use white vinegar to clean the interior of a washing machine.

Use baking soda to clean dishwasher.

3) Area around cooking range: The area surrounding the cooking range can be stained with grease and grime. Use normal dish wash soap to scrub and clean the area.

4) Refrigerator: Black molds are the major culprit inside a refrigerator which can be harmful to the health. Clean the entire refrigerator including all the racks with soap and water.

Clean refrigerator with soap and water.

5) Tops of cabinet: If you are lucky enough to have kitchen cabinet that touches the roof, then you are spared from this task. But if there is space on top of the kitchen cabinet, there is chance that dust and mites might accumulate in that area. Dust and clean the top once in 6 months with some disinfectant.

6) Bathroom rug: Bathroom rugs are breeding ground for bacteria as it is damp most of the time. Wash and clean the bathroom rug once in a while and if possible dry it in hot sun.

7) Door and window: Considering the dusty weather condition of Dubai, windows and doors tend to accumulate a lot of dust. A weekly cleaning of these areas is a must have to improve the indoor air quality.

Clean windows to improve indoor air quality.

8) Under appliances: The spaces below heavy appliances like dishwasher and refrigerator are the most neglected areas of a house. These areas tend to accumulate a lot of grime, dust and even food particles. Move the appliances once in a while and clean the area including the wall with a damp cloth and soap.

9) Switches, knobs and handles: Switches, knobs and handles are the hotbed of germs as they are used hundreds of time a day. Remember to clean and disinfect these areas at least once a week to contain the spread of germs and keep the area clean.

 In addition to the above, remember to change the mop and broom once in a while as germs are likely to accumulate. Also, change the kitchen scrubber once every week or disinfect the same by microwaving at high temperature.


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