Why You Should Have Your A/C Regularly Cleaned

Why You Should Have Your A/C Regularly Cleaned

It may sound unnecessary and difficult to clean your air conditioner. But especially in desert climates such as in Dubai dust can be a big problem. Dust storms carry dust everywhere. This is the main reason why you should clean your air conditioner regularly. But there is more than that. Having your air conditioner cleaned can increase your life quality beyond your expectations.

Respiration problems: If you have an allergy it’s very important to keep the inside air clean. If you don’t take good care of your air conditioner and clean it regularly the filter can’t filter the allergens and dust anymore hence you start breathing the bad air more and more every day. Air conditioner cleaning is important for your health. Having your air conditioner cleaned will prevent dust, dirt, pollens, moulds. Your air conditioner filters need to be replaced every three months. Even if you don’t have respiratory problems having dirty filters may cause problems in time. If you haven’t had your air conditioner cleaned you can book a deep air conditioner cleaning service and increase your life quality.

Better sleep: A clean air conditioner would increase the quality of the inside air which would give you better sleeping conditions. To get recharged for the next day you need a good deep sleep. Book an air conditioner cleaning service right now and feel the difference for yourself. Having your air conditioner cleaned would help you sleep like a baby.

Extend your air conditioner’s life: A dirty air conditioner has a higher risk of breakdown as the coils can cause many problems. Regular air conditioner cleaning will save your money as well as your health. If you wish to use your air conditioner for a long time it’s essential to have it cleaned regularly.

Save energy: Clean coils help to ensure that the heat transfer process works efficiently. It has been estimated that dirty coils can cause your energy usage to rise as much as 30%. Having your air conditioner cleaned by professionals means lower electricity bills.

Efficiency: Having your air conditioner cleaned allows it to perform more efficiently by reducing the pressure that the dust and debris build-up puts on your unit. All the dirt and debris make your unit work harder than it should. When dust covers your evaporator coil, its ability to absorb heat is impaired which reduces efficiency and ability to cool your home. For efficient use of your air conditioner make sure you have it cleaned regularly.

In Dubai, a life without an air conditioner would be unthinkable and unbearable. Taking good care of it would be a wise thing to do. A clean air conditioner means better sleep, better health, good indoor air, less expense and long air conditioner life along with helping the environment by keeping what you already have and less use of electricity.

If you don’t know how or don’t want to deal with air conditioner cleaning you can always call Justmop and have professionals handle the cleaning. Every seasonal change, give a deep clean your air conditioning system and have the filters changed. Keep the inside air fresh and keep yourself and family healthy and happy!

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