You Can Prevent Allergens With These Tips

You Can Prevent Allergens With These Tips

It could be quite difficult to deal with allergies. It needs to be taken care of very carefully as it affects the quality of your life. You can increase the quality by a few changes in your life.

Get yourself a good vacuum cleaner: To get rid of the allergens you must deep clean your house regularly. Deep cleaning starts with the right vacuum cleaner. If you are allergic to dust mites you should choose HEPA filter cleaning vacuum. If you don’t know how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home you can have a look at our post here.

Vacuum cleaning is essential to avoid allergens.

Deep clean regularly: Allergic people must have their home cleaned once or twice a week, preferably by someone else. There are professional cleaning companies out there a phone call away to come and deep clean your house. If you insist on cleaning you must wear a mask, gloves and long clothing to avoid allergens.

Use a dampened cloth to dust: When you dust you basically move the dust around the house if you don’t use a dampened cloth. A moist cloth would capture dust and mites and won’t place them somewhere else in the house. Don’t forget to dry the area with a dry cloth.

Clean the air conditioner filters regularly: Your air conditioner filter holds dust, dirt, pollens, moulds and if you don’t clean it regularly it can make you sicker. If your air conditioner filter is washable you can wash it in the bath and reuse, but if not you have to replace it every three months. Professional cleaning companies also offer air conditioner cleaning services which are a golden opportunity especially if you are allergic.

Prevent mould and mildew: Mould is a threatening agent like dust. Bathrooms are suitable for mould to grow. To prevent that use tile instead of painted walls or wallpapers. Glass doors would be a better choice than shower curtains.

Glass doors are better than shower curtains at avoiding mould.

Prefer eco-cleaning products: If you are keen to try eco-cleaning products you can try DIY cleaning products. It will help your budget as well as your health. It’s always better to avoid harsh chemicals even if you are not allergic. Keep in mind that when you book a cleaning session you can prefer an eco-friendly one. Eco-cleaning is good for both you and the planet!

Clean your mattress regularly: Mattress cleaning is a must for allergic people. You have to air your mattress and clean it regularly. Booking a reoccurring mattress cleaning session will save time and improve your health. Don’t forget to use allergic covers and sheets.

Clean your upholstery regularly: If you are getting into a battle with dust mites you have to keep your upholstery clean and dust-free. Sofa cleaning, carpet cleaning and curtain cleaning are essential to fight against allergens.

Wash your rugs regularly to be mite-free. 

Declutter: Clutter is underestimated when it comes to allergy. Every item in your house keeps dust and hides allergens. If you avoid extra unnecessary items around the house you decrease dust mites and it would be much easier to do home cleaning with less stuff around.

As an allergic person, you should be extra careful about home cleaning. If you book a full-time maid service you don’t have worry anymore about dust piling up around the house or any other housework as it will be held by a professional. You can try Justmop full-time maid service for a better life quality!

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