Are You Ready To Give Thanks?

Are You Ready To Give Thanks?

Festive season is almost here but before that we will welcome autumn and show how grateful we are for what mother nature provided us during the year.

We have few weeks to go before Thanksgiving, but you should never leave things to chance or the last minute. If you don’t want to eat chicken instead of turkey or serve frozen turkey to your guests, you better start scheduling your to-do list if you haven’t started it yet.

First Things First! Guest List

The best way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to be with your family, friends and loved ones. But if you want to host Thanksgiving dinner this year you should let people know before it’s too late. We recommend you to finalise your guest list in a few days. Otherwise you will have to finish that huge turkey by yourself.

Decide your guest list.

Choosing The One

It’s not very difficult to find turkey in Dubai stores, especially around Thanksgiving. However it’s always good to be sure-footed. Buy your turkey at least a week before the dinner. Because it will take more days to thaw it bigger the bird gets. Don’t worry we will give you a trick if you haven’t listen to our advice. You can put your turkey into water to thaw it faster. 4 lbs will take 2 hours, 8 lbs 4 hours, 12 lbs 6 hours. For the rest you can do the math. Make sure there are no holes in the plastic wrap of your turkey. Fill a large bucket or better your sink with cold tap water and let sit the bird. You should change the water every 30 minutes. And don’t forget after the procedure you should cook it immediately. So plan your time wisely!

Order your turkey in advance.

Autumn Spirit

It may not be really autumn in Dubai but it’s Thanksgiving for goodness sake! A bit autumn decoration wouldn’t hurt anyone. We are sure your guests will also like these ideas.

  • Rosemary Place Cards
Hand made place cards for your guests.

Hand made place cards for your guests.

All you need are rosemary sprigs, floral wire, scissors and twine. Your guests will love these place cards and instead of using them they will want to keep them.

  • Felt Tablescaping
Autumn spirit for your table.

Autumn spirit for your table.

These one will bring autumn spirit to your dinner table for sure. Just buy autumn colored felt and wrap your utensils with it. Tie them with raffia and you are done!

  • Leafy Cinnamon Stick Scented
Make your house smell like fall.

Make your house smell like fall.

We loved this one! It will make your house smell cinnamon and orange. If you could find a branch it’s super easy to make. You can use any leaves. But few daphne leaves will make it better. Align leaves, dried orange slices and cinnamon. That’s all!

Book a Maid From Justmop!

Who wouldn’t want a shiny and clean house without making any effort, right? Best thing to do would be to book one of our Justmop maids before and after the party. So you don’t have to deal with home cleaning and leave it to the best.

Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S: We know that your favourite thing to do is to eat leftovers the next day. So is ours!

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