Boost Your Productivity

Boost Your Productivity

There is always something to distract us during the day. You grab your phone just to read the messages but you find yourself looking at funny animal videos for the next half an hour. Like a child who doesn’t want to start doing homework, instead of doing what you have to do, you find excuses and do other things that delay the necessary tasks. With a few easy tricks, you can boost your productivity and get organised.

Have a checklist: You may think writing down things is old school nowadays. You are wrong. Get yourself an organiser, if you insist you can use your phone. But being old school is cool sometimes, never forget that. Write down every single task waiting for you.

You can print out and write down your to-dos.

Complete what is important: You can’t finish the tasks if you never start. In order to start, you have to prioritise your list. Most of the time you can’t start anything because when it comes to taking action you feel overwhelmed by the fact that you have so much to do and you don’t know where to start. Instead, you try to ignore them and watch Netflix as the tasks pile up. But this causes your stress levels to rise as research shows that when you postpone things you subconsciously keep thinking about them which leads you to feel stressed. Prioritise your checklist and take baby steps.

Time management: It sounds difficult, it sounds impossible, we know. You are tired, stressed and don’t have time for anything you should do. Instead, you turn on Netflix and try to relax while your checklist runs in your head which makes it impossible to relax. But we have a little secret and we are willing to share it with you. It’s about rewarding yourself. Of course, you need to relax and enjoy your evening by watching that tv show you like. But to deserve that you need to tick at least one thing on your checklist.

Create a routine: It’s a lot easier when you have a routine. The more you do a certain task at a specific time throughout the day, the more second-nature the task becomes. You can also think of this as a game where you gain rewards at the end and then the next level it starts again. Every completed task will give you a sense of relief.

Declutter: Many researches show that clutter is the enemy of productivity. Even if you follow every step we stated above if you have clutter around your brain can’t focus or use more energy to focus which would make you feel tired sooner. For better concentration levels keep everything organised. This subject is a bit of a chicken and egg situation as decluttering can be subject to your checklist. You can put smaller tasks on your checklist to follow every day to declutter your house. If you prefer to focus on other things on the list instead of decluttering professional maid services can do it for you. You can use a maid service and forget about decluttering. When you have a full-time maid service you also have more time to do more productive things instead of boring household chores.

Declutter your house for boosting your productivity.

Boosting your productivity is easy if you really want to. You can have professional cleaning services’ help when you can’t manage everything. It’s good to know a maid service got your back when you need it. Just believe in yourself, get organised and stay organised. Your productivity will boost in time.

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