How To Take Care Of Your Rugs?

How To Take Care Of Your Rugs?

Rugs are a part of décor in every home in Dubai. Even if you are not so fond of rugs, the cool climate of November will tempt you to go for one. But having rugs is just not enough you also need to know how to take care of them .

If you are one such person wondering how to take care of that precious rug, then you should definitely not miss out this article.

1) Always make sure that the rugs are placed on a flat surface. If there are bumps on the floor, it will create a permanent bent on your rug.

2) All rugs should be vacuumed twice or thrice a week to prevent the build-up of dust. Vacuuming should be done without fail in houses with kids and pets as the rugs tend to get dusty and dirty very fast.

3) Do not place any heavy furniture over the rug as it can leave a permanent dent on the rug.

Do not place any heavy furniture over the rug.

4) If any accidental spill occurs on the rug, blot the spill then and there itself to prevent the moisture from seeping in. In case of a solid spill, remove the spill with a blunt knife and blot the rug dry.

5) Never rub vigorously and clean the rug as it can damage the rug fiber. Always go for a mild scrub with a microfiber cloth.

6) If there are any repair work to be done on the rug, always call a professional. Never try to do it on your own.

7) Change the direction of the rug once in a while so that no permanent discoloration or marks are left on the rug.

8) Always try to place the rug away from the source of moisture. For e.g. if you have décor fountain in your living room, it is best not to place a rug next to it as the water from the fountain might fall on the rug and damage it. Similarly, never place plant over the rug as water might seep from the pot and damage the rug.

Never place plant over the rug as water might seep from the pot and damage the rug.

9) If you have a balcony or other open space in your house, leave the rug there once a month so that it is exposed to proper air circulation. You can even lift it and place it on a chair or tale for better air circulation.

10) Never use any disinfectants or powder on the rug as it can change the color of the rug.

Last but not the least schedule a professional rug cleaning once in 6 months. These professional cleaners not only ensure that the life of your rug is extended but also helps to keep the rug bright and clean.

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