Smells Like Home!

Smells Like Home!

Who doesn’t love a house that smells nice and fresh? Lovely fragrances would brighten your day instantly. There are many ways to do this but today we will show you how to freshen up your house in natural ways.

Toilet paper diffuser: Every time you pick a new roll of toilet paper, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil on the cardboard tube inside the roll. This will release the essential oil scent every time you use the toilet paper.

Eucalyptus sprigs: It won’t be any more natural than this! Check your florist or gardening shops in your area for eucalyptus sprigs. Tie 2 or 3 sprigs together and hang them in the shower near the shower head. When hot water and steam hit the plant natural oil will be released.

Hang eucalyptus sprigs near your shower head.

Essential oil cotton balls: These are great but you have to keep them out of reach if you have kids or pets in the house. Add one or two drops of essential oil on cotton balls and place them around your house. You can even place them in the cabinet, closet, in your pillow etc.

Carpet deodorizer: One of the best ways to freshen up the air in the house and get rid of bad odour. Mix 1tbsp corn starch, 1tbsp baking soda and 10-15 drops of essential oil. Stir well until they are mixed. Sprinkle over the carpet and vacuum.

Coffee filter sachets: You can place these little things everywhere, around your house where kids and pets can’t reach. Grab a few coffee filters, fill them with two tbsps of baking soda and smelling ingredients like cinnamon or lavender. Pull the edges of the filter together and twist, secure with a ribbon.

You can place coffee filter sachets around your house.

Clothes pin diffuser: Add a few drops of essential oil to a wooden clothes pin and clip it to your air vent. You can also clip a car air freshener to your home’s vent.

Even these are great and easy fragrance tips, the best fragrance for your home would be a good deep cleaning. While you are doing little touches to your lovely home let professionals deal with the hard work.


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