Ways To Reduce Paper Clutter In Your Home

Ways To Reduce Paper Clutter In Your Home

“Bits of paper, bits of paper, lying on the floor”, does this song sound familiar to you? Then you are not alone. We all deal with paper clutter in our day to day life. From newspaper to bills to booklets, the paper clutter in our home takes various forms and shapes.

If you are looking for ways to reduce the paper clutter in your home read on..

  • Go online: From payment to subscription to mailing, everything can be done online. Try to automate as much work as possible. Instead of opting for paper bills, go for online bills. Replace paper statement from banks with online statement. Going online helps in reducing paper clutter to half.

    Make all your transactions online.

  • File: There are times when paper documents cannot be avoided. For e.g; Your Ejari contract is available in paper form as you need to sign the contract. For such documents that cannot be completely online, make a proper filing system. This way you are not only reducing the paper clutter but also organizing your papers properly.

File all your important documents.

  • Store the memories: In this digital age, most of the photographs you take are in digital format. But in case you have few hard copies like your kid’s school memories or passport photographs, make sure that you neatly store it in an album. All albums should be neatly arranged and stacked on a bookshelf or cabinet.

    Store photographs in an album.

  • Store Coupon: Some people have the habit of collecting coupons for shopping and entertainment. As far as possible try to go in for online coupons. But if it is available only in paper format, neatly cut and store it in a small box in your drawer.
  • Cut down paper receipts: Paper receipts are usually provided by shops after purchase. If possible, try to take a photograph of the receipt and store it instead of taking the physical copy. In case the shop insist on your taking the physical copy, store it neatly in a box. Remember to clear the box once in a while to reduce the clutter.

    Store all bills in a box and clear unwanted ones regularly.

  • Get rid of old paper: If you have the habit of stocking up old newspaper, now is the time to get rid of it. Sort the newspaper once a week and send it to recycling station.
  • Take pictures: In case you have kids in the house who are fond of artwork, take picture of their work instead of storing it in paper form. This way you can reduce the paper clutter and at the same time appreciate your kids work.
  • Donate books: If you have the habit of purchasing every new book that comes in the shop, then cut down on that habit. Donate all the old books you have to charity or second hand book shop. Alternatively, you can join a local library to reduce the book purchase.

Cleaning and organizing systematically is the best way to reduce paper clutter in your house. Not just you, but each and every family member should play their part actively in this mission.

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