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It is always beneficial to have a checklist to plan the things you are willing to do. Here, Justlife gives you a  professional deep cleaning checklist to have it with yourself at all times. You can also book a professional deep cleaning service from Justlife. Justlife cleaning experts will arrive at your doorstep at your desired time of the day with their professional deep cleaning checklist in tow.





House cleaning doesn't require specific products. Effective and easy-to-find cleaning solutions include white vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, a scrub brush, and microfiber towels. Here's a checklist for your cleaning cabinet or caddy:


  • Gloves


  • All-purpose cleaners from stores (or homemade)


  • Windex


  • Bicarbonate


  • Vinegar


  • Detergent


  • Sponge


  • Cloths or paper towels


  • Attachment-equipped vacuum


  • Mop/steamer


  • Hard-floor broom or vacuum


After you gather your needs, you can continue your house cleaning by looking at this deep cleaning checklist by room.





    Tub, fixtures, and grout

If soap and water aren't cleaning your bathtub and fixtures, mix a baking soda-water paste and scrub with a brush. Use a detail brush or old toothbrush to clean around fixtures; a microfiber cloth will polish them.




Wash and dry your fabric shower curtain as directed on its label, since they differ from product to product. 


    Shower Curtain 


If your shower curtain liner is dirty, replace it. Most plastic shower curtains and liners may be put in the washing machine's delicate cycle, making cleaning easier. Wash and air-dry metal hangers.





    Furniture, cabinets, fridge


Unplug your fridge and remove all food. Inside and out, use soapy water and a sponge. The dish soap acts as a degreaser to remove cooking oil residue from your kitchen. If possible, clean under the fridge.


  • Wash cabinet fronts. Clean cabinets and drawers using a crevice vacuum.


  • Clean kitchen table legs, chairs, and other furniture.


  • Warm soapy water and a sponge to clean garbage and recycle containers.


  • Bedroom Wash duvet, dust ruffle, and shams as directed.


  • Clean under your headboard and beneath your bed if you can.


  • Damp microfiber cloth furniture.


  • Every 6 months, rotate and/or flip your mattress.



Common rooms


After you’re done with your careful sofa cleaning and carpet cleaning, since their fabric is the most important and sensitive fabric in the house,  remember these; 


  • Upholstery vacuum. 

  • Vacuum beneath cushions. 


  • Damp microfiber cloth furniture.




Take everything out, rearrange, and purge to thoroughly clean a closet. Clean shelves, baseboards, and walls while everything is out. When putting garments back in, they shouldn't be tightly packed.



General Home Wide Cleaning


    Baseboards, walls


Every room must have clean walls and baseboards. Wipe difficult places with a moist cloth and a non-abrasive sponge.


    Lights, fans


Light fixtures can rapidly collect dust, but they're easy to clean and can increase the room's lighting. Turn off the light, then vacuum or wipe with a moist microfiber cloth.


Lay newspaper or a sheet under ceiling fans to capture dust before cleaning. Dampen a towel and clean each blade.




Floors should be swept, vacuumed, and mopped regularly. For deep cleaning, remove stains, clean high-traffic areas with persistent dirt, and scrub tile grout.


Clean your hardwood or laminate flooring first. Soak carpeted floors with white vinegar, water, and dish soap to remove stains. Instead of rubbing, blot to lift the stain. Always test a carpet cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area to ensure it won't discolor or harm the carpet.


    Curtain Cleaning

Window treatments should be dried rather than washed. Freshen with vinegar spray and gentle cycle or air dry. If your windows have blinds, moisten an old sock with water and an all-purpose cleaner, then run your hand down each blind to clean.




Window cleaning increases natural light. Before using a glass cleaner, remove dirt and debris from windows. Use a rolled towel, soapy water, and a sponge to wipe the window sill. The cloth will capture filthy water from squeegeeing windows. Shine with glass cleaner and a microfiber towel. Wooden window sills shouldn't be soaked in water or cleaning solutions. Wipe with a moist microfiber towel sprayed with all-purpose or wood cleaning.

If even having these checklists and reading about the details on how to clean your house, you are still worried about the time it will all take, you can consider hiring services offered by the best companies such as Justlife. Justlife promises to care for your house and belongings as a treasure and make your wishes come true by following your demands word by word.


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