Men's Manicure and Pedicure Services for Men in the United Arab Emirates

Now book the best men's manicure and pedicure services at home in United Arab Emirates.

The rising trend of grooming and self-care is not exclusive to women. Today's modern man understands the importance of personal grooming, and more specifically, nail care. With manicures and pedicures for men gaining popularity, Justlife brings this essential grooming service right to your home, providing a professional, high-quality, and convenient experience. Here we will delve into what the 'Manicure and Pedicure for Men at Home' service is, its components, the steps involved, pricing, and how Justlife streamlines this service for you.



What is the 'Manicure and Pedicure for Men at Home' Service?


Our 'Manicure and Pedicure for Men at Home' service, often referred to as "mani-pedi for men", is a holistic approach to men's grooming that focuses on providing professional, hygienic, and superior nail care. Our service is geared towards men who value their appearance and understand the importance of maintaining clean, well-shaped nails. We cover both male manicure and male pedicure services, ensuring that you receive comprehensive nail care without leaving the comfort of your home.



What Does the Mani Pedi for Men Service Include?


The 'Manicure and Pedicure for Men at Home' service includes a detailed process that ensures a thorough cleaning, shaping, buffing, and optional polishing of your nails. As a part of the manicure for men, our professionals will tend to your hands, cleaning your nails, and skin to remove any impurities. The pedicure for men focuses on your feet, providing a similar level of care. Our aim is to give you a wholesome experience that doesn't just stop at nail care but also helps you relax.


Here are the components of our service, which can also be termed as the steps in our "manicure pedicure for men":

  • Nail Cleaning: We begin by soaking your hands and feet in warm water, which aids in the removal of dirt and makes the skin soft, preparing it for the next steps.

  • Nail Trimming and Shaping: After your nails are clean, we trim them to an appropriate length and shape them. This process is carried out with precision, maintaining the natural shape of your nails while giving them a neat look.

  • Cuticle Care: An integral part of our male manicure and pedicure service is cuticle care. Our experts gently push back the cuticles and trim any excess, ensuring your nails have a neat and clean appearance.

  • Buffing: Buffing the nails removes any rough spots and stains, giving your nails a consistent, smooth surface.

  • Moisturizing: A hydrating lotion is applied to your hands and feet. This not only nourishes the skin but also leaves it feeling soft and refreshed.



Pricing Details of Men's Manicure and Pedicure Services


At Justlife, we strive to provide superior services at competitive prices. Our 'Manicure and Pedicure for Men at Home' service is priced as follows:

  • Basic Men's Manicure: AED 79

  • Basic Men's Pedicure: AED 89

  • Men's Manicure and Pedicure Combo: AED 149


We assure you that the male pedicure price and the male manicure price are worth every penny considering the level of expertise, hygiene, and convenience we bring to the table.



How Does It Work with Justlife?


Our aim at Justlife is to make professional grooming services accessible and convenient. Booking our 'Manicure and Pedicure for Men at Home' service is easy through our website or mobile app. Once your booking is confirmed, our skilled professional will arrive at your home fully equipped with all the necessary tools, products, and equipment to deliver an excellent manicure pedicure service for male clients.


Whether you are booking a manicure for men at home or a pedicure service at home for male clients, you can rest assured that we maintain the highest standards of hygiene. All tools are sterilized before and after every use, and our professionals wear protective gear to ensure your safety.


The Justlife 'Manicure and Pedicure for Men at Home' service is not just about nail care; it's about promoting overall hand and foot health, boosting self-esteem, and helping you relax. Whether you are prepping for an event or simply want to maintain your nails, we have got you covered. With competitive men's manicure and pedicure prices and expert services, you can enjoy a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. It's time to give your hands and feet the attention they deserve with our exceptional home service.


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