Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Al Barsha

Our sofa cleaning experts in Al Barsha will come and clean your sofa only AED 35 per hour

Al Barsha is by far one of the new residential locality in the west of Dubai in United Arab Emirates. There are a collection of sub communities here. This area has a large number of villas and some new apartment blocks popular among them being Dubai Internet city and Media city. Life here is relatively safe and quiet, but simultaneously there are eye-catchy hotels, large shopping malls and lovely restaurants and schools too giving it a lot of potential for future development.


With the advent of new infrastructure development and relatively new apartments and rising population and other workforce, life becomes hectic and stress and strain play havoc with daily cleaning chores becoming a boring job. A very busy work- life schedule for both working parents with added responsibilities of children’s schooling, sports and tutions makes life very stressful and added to this the maintenance of a clean and sparkling home takes a heavy toll on the women folk of the family. Nowadays  with the  new rise of professional cleaning services of various types our company offers services for sofa cleaning in Al Barsha.


Most of the well furnished modern homes have a very nice large spacious sofa in their living room which  is a favourite place for the whole family  to gather at night and if there are small kids, dinner is eaten here only and the pets in the family too scramble and jostle here to get a quick hug and enjoy some loving time with the family. Thus, cleaning of sofa weekly becomes a very important task here as there may be dust mites and various smells lurking out there which can be a breeding ground for diseases and other chronic allergies which affects the health of the family which may lead to huge medical bills due to ill-health in the family. 


Our company provides trained professional staff with verified backgrounds and mechanised cleaning process of your sofa so that you can enjoy good health as well spend some quality time with your family. Doesn’t that sound perfect?


Sofas generally are available from two seater to eight seater types. There are wooden and metal sofas too with different materials like fabric furnishing made of silk, velvet, or rexine, suede, leatherlite ones. Sofa cleaning in Al Barsha becomes necessary considering the humidity and pollution in the city. Cleaning of sofas is basically a two or three steps process. First, they are dry vacuum cleaned for removing the loose dust, then for the fabric material they are shampooed or cleaned for removing the stains and smells and scrubbed. Finally the extraction of moisture and residual dirt. For the rexine and leather sofa after dry vacuuming, reconditioning is done with wax cream and buffing. The whole process takes about two to six hours.


Our services for sofa cleaning in Al Barsha by our reliable and professional trained staff will give you the very best and affordable cleaning services right at your doorstep. 

We give each project the same personal attention and offer the best price for quality work and you will be assured of a well-done job without any hassles. You can spend your free time with your family or friends or pursue your hobby. We ensure that we will arrive with all the required cleaning equipments that are necessary, not only will your home look nice but will also give you a great feel when you come back home every day from work. Take a deep breath, we believe that it’s time you put yourself first and do the things that you miss out usually.


When you see our consistent results every day and every week, you will see a sparkling and shining touch on the surfaces of your home and a fresh feel in your house. Turn your messy home into a palace with our sofa cleaning services in Al Barsha, we bet you would be happy and contented. 


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For more information about our services and service areas we operate, kindly visit: Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning Dubai, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning Abu Dhabi, or Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning Sharjah.

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