What is Home Deep Cleaning?

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We have all heard of it, but what is deep cleaning? Deep cleaning goes further to get rid of dirt, grime, soap leftovers, and unspotted areas around your home. The service is more thorough than the normal cleaning.


Deep cleaning a house isn’t just picking up trash and cleaning surfaces. You often clean different parts of the house. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can help get rid of germs that can make your family sick.


By getting rid of dirt, dust, and other junk, a deep clean can make your home a healthier place to live. It also makes it smell clean and look fresh.


Deep cleaning usually takes longer than a regular cleaning, especially if it’s not made by trained professionals, like Justlife’s cleaning experts, and if you want your whole house deep cleaned. It requires a lot of work on small details, which takes more time.





During a regular cleaning, your cleaner will wipe down and dust everything. Things like your shower, vanity, mirror, and toilet are part of this.


When you get a deep cleaning, the service you receive goes further. These things could be:


-Cleaning the grout

-Cleaning out trash cans

-Cleaning fixtures to get rid of soap scum and limescale

-Clean the baseboards and door frames very well.

-Cleaning the inside of medicine cabinets and vanities

-Cleaning the knobs

-Cleaning around the base of the toilet

-Cleaning the shower doors, curtains, and cracks very well.





Another place that can get very dirty is the kitchen. Spills of food and grease can make your cabinets and appliances dirty.


Your weekly cleaning probably includes putting things away on the counters, wiping down all surfaces that people can see, and cleaning the floor.


These things might be done as part of a deep clean:


-Cleaning behind and under the things you use.

-Cleaning the inside of your oven, fridge, and microwave is important.

-Cleaning the inside of the range hood and the filter.

-Cleaning the cabinets.

-Cleaning the grout lines on countertops.

-Cleaning the coils in the refrigerator.

-Cleaning small kitchen appliances.

-Cleaning and putting things in order inside cupboards and drawers

The deep cleaning makes sure that all grease and leftover food are gone. When these things build up, they can be hard to get rid of. Having a professional cleaning service, such as Justlife, takes care of it and makes your life easier.



General Spaces


During normal cleaning, your cleaner will also clean up other areas of your home. This includes putting things back where they belong, cleaning the floors, and wiping down surfaces.


Some examples of deep cleaning services are:


-Cleaning under the furniture.

-Cleaning fans and lights on the ceiling

-Cleaning and vacuuming furniture

-Getting blinds clean

-Dusting each piece of decor

-Cleaning garbage cans and other places

-Dusting lamp shades

-Clean baseboards, window frames, and door frames.

-Cleaning the vent covers.

-Cleaning the inside of the window tracks and sills.

-Cleaning the walls.

-Cleaning cracks and edges of walls with a vacuum cleaner.

-Getting the furniture shiny.

Once your common areas are clean, it's easy to keep them that way by cleaning them once a week. Since these rooms don't have water or food sources like the kitchen and bathroom, they don't get as dirty as fast.



Deep cleaning, especially for a person who dislikes even regular cleaning can be a truly daunting task. This is why enlisting the services of professional cleaning services, such as Justlife may just be the thing you need. Justlife’s home deep cleaning services offer you the best deep cleaning out there, with flexible scheduling, a professional cleaning crew, and affordable prices. Save time for life, with Justlife!


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