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The Jumeirah Beach Residence is a big attraction to tourists and locals who wish to take a quick escape from their daily routine to relax at the beach and shop along The Walk and dine on the Persian Gulf coast. JBR is a quick stop for tourists which is filled with exciting adventures for a soul-enriching experience. Not just that, at the buzzing beachside boulevard, there’s plenty of opportunities to satisfy your shopping cravings with varieties of fashion, home and handicraft shops and boutiques. The local Emiratis also suggest tourists to visit the pop-up markets where they can treat themselves to food treats, homewares and entertainment. The magnificent Jumeirah Beach Residence is spread across two square kilometers, it has forty towers which can accommodate fifteen thousand people living in its hotel rooms and apartments. 


Dubai usually witnesses sunny days throughout the year, though the winters are warm, nights are cooler. Between December and March, the weather remains warm and is considered to be the most comfortable climatic conditions of the year. Weekends are meant for long strolls along the beachside in JBR, why spend your time cleaning and washing at your home when Justlife can do that for you? With over a decade of experience in cleaning services, Justlife offers you the best professional services for home cleaning and carpet cleaning in JBR by professionals that are well trained, reliable and trustworthy. 


There is a popular misconception amongst people that carpets cannot be kept clean. Let’s pause for a moment and think why this may be true. If you introspect, you may find the answer why respiratory illnesses are on the rise. Not only do dirty carpets reduce the quality of air inside the house but also makes you unhappy and moody. Carpet cleaning by professionals not only enhances the appearance of your home but it also extends the quality for the carpets. You may think that it is more cheaper to rent a carpet cleaning machine instead of hiring a carpet cleaning professional. You are wrong. Professional services for carpet cleaning in JBR are preferred over renting machines because professionals know how to clean your carpets than just vacuuming them.


If you notice carefully, due to the levels of humidity in Dubai, carpets are a breeding ground for mold growth when they are exposed to moisture. When the moisture gets trapped in homes it tends to sink deep in the carpet fibers if they are not vacuumed on time and this results in the growth of molds which are harmful for your health. Our reliable and professionally trained cleaners ensure to deep clean your carpets to keep them mold free.


We at Justlife come as a perfect cleaning package for you in JBR. Our team of experts and specialists are highly skilled professionally with quick and easy cleaning solutions that aid in the removal all kinds of stains or greases from all kinds of fabrics of carpets that leave them looking as good as new with our magical expertise. We are equipped with modern and well serviced dry cleaning machines with state of the art facilities to deliver a highly satisfactory experience for all our customers across JBR. We are rated as one of the top services for cleaning companies and carpet cleaning in JBR.  


Let us take the hassle of cleaning your carpets, while you sit back and relax with your family and friends or pets. Any service that you choose from Justlife, we assure you when we are done, you would have nothing to complain about but an everlasting smile on your face, so go ahead and give us a try today.

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