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Whether you have coffee and tea stains on your yellow coloured carpet in the living room, ink marks by a toddler in your bedroom, or simply a layer of everyday dust and dirt on all carpets in your house, it needs cleaning. All carpets of all fabrics need a little care and attention every now and then. Carpet cleaning is tedious and a time consuming task as the effort involved in moving furniture and waiting for the carpet to dry seems like a never ending task. Did you know a well cleaned and maintained carpet will last twice as long compared to those that aren’t regularly maintained?


Carpets no doubt, always add to the interiors of a home by adding color, pattern, and texture. It is recommended that regular vacuuming of carpets removes dirt and grit that are likely to damage the carpet fibers. But did you know that carpets also need regular cleaning to keep them looking their best? Roughly, one should plan to thoroughly wash carpet every 12 to 14 months, more often in high-traffic and heat bound areas like Abu Dhabi. If you have light-color carpet or kids or pets then, clean your carpets two or three times a year.

Did you know a recently by the American Lung Association suggests that if your family members suffer from breathing problems, if could be because your household environment has an impact while they breathe which in turn could cause asthma. While a few homeowners do make an effort to deep clean their very own carpets by utilizing rental gear, it is recommended by experts that regular vacuuming of your house can benefit your health as those of your loved ones. Justlife offers carpet cleaning in Abu Dhabi for small and large homes, with expert service we ensure your precious floor coverings are sparkling and shining for a longer time. It’s always important to maintain carpets by cleaning and dusting them on a regular basis. We specialise in cleaning carpets of all sizes that are carried out by trained and reliable professionals with utmost care. 


We believe in putting our best foot forward while thoroughly cleaning your carpets which also helps you to protect them for a longer time. While there are many forms of cleaning your carpets, steam cleaning your carpets is the best, it not only kills the germs and dust mites in the carpets but also ensures that the carpet wears a new look. Our team of experts and specialists are highly skilled professionally with quick and easy cleaning solutions that aid in the removal all kinds of stains or greases from all kinds of fabrics of carpets that leave them looking as good as new with our magical expertise.

Equipped with modern and well serviced dry cleaning machines with state of the art facilities to deliver a high satisfactory experience for all our customers across Abu Dhabi. We only use biodegradable and non toxic cleaning products that are certified to protect the environment. Hiring cleaning professionals actually saves you a ton of money instead of buying new carpets every year, it is not only economical but also time saving for you as we will be able to get the work done twice as much cleaning in half the time. 
Justlife’s vision is to always live beyond your expectations, while we want you to feel content one hundred percent, we also encourage regular feedback from clients and we would love to hear your feedback or suggestions if any, to book an appointment for carpet cleaning in Abu Dhabi click on the book now button. We look forward talking to you! 


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