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In today’s hustling and bustling lifestyle that we lead, there’s never enough time to do anything, even relocating and cleaning up a house. Relocating is big task, in fact it is labelled as one of the most exhausting and stressful experiences of one’s life. There are a bunch of activities one does while moving houses, right from changing your house address, scheduling transportations, moving boxes, changing schools, jobs and adapt to a new environment. This can all look like a massive amount of work. An additional responsibility seeps in when the house you are moving out of needs to be clean (Else, you know the never ending conversations with your landlord about deposit)


Justlife specialises in pre and post moving and cleaning, our experts ensure that your new home or the one that you are currently leaving looks sparkling and spotless with our move in and out cleaning services and companies in Abu Dhabi. With the help of our cleaning services we ensure quality cleaning and a thorough end-to-end move in and move out cleaning services. 


Our professionals will take great care of of your apartment or home, saves you time, time and money. We bet you’d be more than satisfied with our services every time you put us to task. Cleaning by yourself is never a great idea, especially when you are moving houses. With Justlife you can expect hassle free move in and move out services coupled with cleaning services as well. Whether you are moving out or moving in, we ensure and handle all your cleaning needs. 


Mentioned below are few services that we cover:

  • All floors are swept, mopped and vacuumed
  • Kitchen surfaces are cleaned with chemical agents, deep cleaned and sanitized
  • Refrigerator is cleaned inside and out (For this, We'll need the refrigerator completely emptied out)
  • Window sills, window ledges and doors are wiped down
  • Bathrooms, sinks, tubs and showers are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
  • The entryway to your home is cleaned and set
  • Light cleaning (no scrubbing or deep cleaning involved)
  • We also vacuum all the blinds, shutters and vents to remove dust and smoke


Here’s a testimonial from one of our frequent clients:

“Justlife has been our go to company for move in and move out services. They are flexible, reliable and professional. We highly recommend them!” - Neha Taneja


With our experienced team of movers and cleaners, everything will be taken care of, our areas of cleaning differ for different types of houses and cleaning needs, cleaning professionals will ensure that they use only verified and authorised cleaning equipments and substances while at work. While our professional cleaners arrive at the location, they will ensure all kind of cleaning is done right from cleaning all window-sills, skirting, all kitchen, bedroom, living room to mopping and cleaning the toilets. Team Justlife’s move in and move out cleaning and services and companies team is highly  trained and equipped. We always ensure the usage of environmentally responsible and sustainable cleaning products on the homes we clean.


Our high quality cleaning service is one of the highly preferred move in and move out cleaning services and companies in Abu Dhabi. We highly rely on honesty, workmanship and effective organization of our work. We believe that a honest and trusting relationship with our customers is always based upon mutual respect and openness. All our employees are screened through a process before hiring, post which they undergo a mandatory high level training programs.


Go ahead and schedule a call today. For more information about our Move In & Out Cleaning Services and Companies in Abu Dhabi now book!

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