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What’s worse a feeling than coming home to a dirty house and planning to put things back in order so that your house looks organized? Does this ring a bell in your ears? Do you find yourself functioning like a robot doing multiple tasks at home and find it difficult to keep your house clean due to pressures of work and family? Do you feel like there’s just not enough time to do work, household chores or indulge in your favourite hobbies or have time for yourself? 


We feel you, especially if you’re a mother or are living by yourself in Abu Dhabi, finding a house maid to help you with your everyday tasks like cleaning and cooking can be a TASK and finding the right maid or time and effort to find a maid could be difficult. At JustMop, we guarantee our customers with complete satisfaction to our clients, our housekeepers always strive to deliver excellent home cleaning services which are beyond your expectations. Let us help you organize your busy life by taking care of all your cleaning needs, let our magic genie handle all the household chores on your behalf and leave your house sparkling and shining. 


We bet you’d agree that a clean and an organized home makes a difference, not only does it make your house look organized but also uplifts your mood. Our maids second this statement, we at JustMop invite you discover our phenomenal people who deliver fantastic results.  Not only are they competent and motivated housekeepers but pay attention to detail and complete every task meticulously to your expectations.


We help you find a qualified, trained and skilled   housekeeper with the most reliable source for small sized and large homes, condominiums or apartments. Our housekeepers aka maids specialise in services as below:


  1. Dust and mop all surfaces
  2. End to end deep cleaning of all rooms in your home
  3. Floor, kitchen counters and cooktop
  4. Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming all floors
  5. Trash removal 
  6. Before and after party help and cleaning
  7. Tub, bathrooms and toilet cleaning
  8. Organizing (as and how necessary, as per your instructions


We take immense to let you know that we’ve consistently ranked among top rated cleaning services, this is one of the primary reasons why our clients consistently refer us to their near and dear ones, making us clients’ top searched service for maid service in Abu Dhabi.  All our housekeepers are well trained on customer service and privacy. Why not let our magic genie do what we do the best while you sip your favorite drink or a coffee? Don't let a messy home stand in your way. For more information about our maid  in Abu Dhabi or to schedule an appointment  


We look forward talking to you! Our vision is to always live beyond your expectations, while we want you to feel content one hundred percent, we also encourage regular feedback from clients and we would love to hear your feedback or suggestions if any, feel free to write to us at so that we can continue to make your search easy for maid services in Abu Dhabi.

We look forward connecting with you :)


For more information about service areas we operate, kindly visit: Maids, Maids Dubai, Maids Abu Dhabi, Maids Sharjah, Maid Service, Maid Service Dubai,  or Maid Service Sharjah.

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