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Washing curtains is an exhausting task, it can be tricky, if you’re doing it by yourself without any help. We bet half the work involves removing the curtains from their railings and removing the hooks, measuring the right amount of detergent required for each wash and later hanging them out to dry, lastly iron them as they look neat. We most often forget that our curtains require regular cleaning and attention just we clean our everyday clothes as they can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust through windows or doors.

Studies indicate that regular removal and hanging of curtains are necessary to prevent dust from sticking to it. When the dirt level of curtains increases, you would notice the amount of unhealthy air also increases within your home or apartment. To avoid this, keep the windows open for fresh air to enter your home.


If you have indulged in curtain cleaning before, you would agree it is time consuming and definitely not the most exciting cleaning task to do on a weekend, due to the tropical climate of Abu Dhabi curtains can wear off easily due to constant exposure to the sunlight and extreme temperatures which results in dampness could attract mould, dust and dirt. How often have you noticed that your curtains are stained by fingerprints and general wear and tear? Are you looking for a curtain cleaning service that ensures your curtains are looking good as new? Here’s the solution:

Justlife is one of the top rated curtain cleaning services in Abu Dhabi is one of the most trusted and recommended dry cleaning professionals.Whether your curtains are made from fabrics like cotton, lace, or linen our experts clean them with utmost care without any damage. We specialise in cleaning all types of curtains, sheer, unlined and lined, with our unique cleaning method. Not only will dry cleaning keep your curtains looking clean but also have an impact on your overall health as well, therefore, allowing you and your family to breathe fresh and clean air daily. Here’s an testimonial from our regular client Nafisa Ahmed:

“The folks at Justlife are AMAZING, their quick efficient and reliable service is always with a customer focused attitude. I’d recommend them to all my friends and family”

We pride ourselves in working to the highest industry standards always, we also ensure that our powerful equipment and safe chemicals are eco friendly and always do our bit to reduce the greenhouse effect. Our expert professionals use a unique formula for cleaning curtains which makes it look as fresh as new without any shrinkage or color fading.

Depending on the fabric type we specialise in curtain cleaning services that includes either steam or dry cleaning methods that are meant to be long lasting. If you have noticed, maintaining curtains is hard in summer, especially from the humid climate and extreme sun rays here in Abu Dhabi, from dust, cooking and oils to heating gas are all harmful for your curtains. The best way to keep your home out of unpleasant odors and spotless looking curtains is to invest in a dry cleaning curtain services that ensures long lasting value for your premium curtains.

Through our safe cleaning methods your curtains will feel softer and smell fresher like never before, we are sure you will be more than satisfied with the experience that you receive. Let us help you sparkle and shine your home like never before, Why wait? 

To get more information about our curtain cleaning services in Abu Dhabi or to schedule an appointment. We look forward talking to you!

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