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Relocation is one of the most stressful yet exciting phase of life. Even though there is high level of excitement for moving in a new house, getting your old house cleaned is a nightmare. Justlife tries to make this process of moving out and moving in a little easier by taking up one of the major responsibilities like cleaning. You can anytime avail Justlife's moving in and moving out services in Sharjah. Moving is a huge job. In fact, many people state that the process of moving is one of the most exhausting life experiences. Getting your things packed up, changing your addresses, scheduling moving dates and transportation. It’s all a massive amount of workload. On top of it all, one has to make sure that the house you are leaving is clean or else you end up not getting your security deposit back. If you live in a rented place, then you are probably aware that leaving your property in a clean condition will help you a lot in getting your deposit back.


Justlife provides you with safe, reliable and eco-friendly house cleaning supplies and products. Our home move in/out cleaning package is perfect for any family that needs to clean an empty home, apartment or condo for move in/out purpose. Let our cleaning experts at Justlife take up the burden of complete cleaning during and after apartment shift. You can share your to-do list or else we have a complete checklist of all the necessary cleaning formalities pre and post-move. Our expert cleaners will ensure that your new home or the previous one you are leaving looks completely clean and spotless. Now, by hiring us you can enjoy the whole process of moving out and moving in. Our move in/out team is completely trained and well equipped. With so many years of experience Justlife is committed in keeping the environment clean so all our cleaning solvents and equipments are environment friendly. 


All the cleaning experts go through a complete screening process, strict background check and high level of training. Justlife has received excellent customer reviews and we try our level best in making sure that our customers receive world class service and are satisfied with the work delivered to them. During the move in/out scenario there are a lot of other worries like throw packing, planning work, school and other activities. Justlife tries to take away your cleaning worries so that you can take care of other important tasks and make move in/out a much less stressful process. With our cleaning experts all your cleaning requirements for your new or old place will be fulfilled and they will take care of your house just as it was their own.


In the move in and move out cleaning service, we will clean all the reachable surfaces in your home, this will include the rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, balcony, entrance. All the interiors and exteriors of cabinets will be wiped out and cleaned. The interior and exterior of all the drawers will also be cleaned. All the windows, blinds, light fixtures and doors will be wiped. If there are any appliances like fridge, microwave, oven, stove top or any other, then they will also be cleaned from inside and outside. All the sinks, bathroom tubs, toilets, showers will be properly scrubbed and sanitized. Complete dusting of the house will be done and trash will be picked up. 


So, don’t worry about cleaning. If you are planning to relocate then just download our app and fill in your details. Justlife will be at your doorstep and we will take care of the rest for you.


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