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Book the most trustworthy Maid in Al Quoz for AED 35 per hour

Located in the west of Dubai, Al Quoz is divided into a populated residential area in the northeast and an industrial area in the southwest. Amidst the hustling traffic and industrial warehouses of Al Quoz lies a happening and an upbeat district that one must visit. The locals suggest that whether you fancy bouncing your way through a game of archery tag or hula-hooping your way to fitness, you will find all of these in the hustling-bustling Al Quoz. Though life may be hectic in the town, having an extra hand at home always helps. Many of the Emirates families and expat living in Al Quoz employ the home cleaning services from Justlife for a maid as it is affordable and trustworthy. 


Did you know that regular cleaning is the most preferred way to reduce dust in the house? By doing everyday chores like sweeping, dusting and vacuuming keeps the dust, dust mites and a dozen of other allergens that cause cold and flu-like symptoms at bay. Especially if you have people at home with allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems, the symptoms can be reduced by giving them a clean space to breathe in a clean house which can relieve their symptoms.
Having a maid not only helps you focus on your jobs but also gives you the extra time to spend the quality time with your loved ones. Whether you like it or not, sometimes keeping up with household chores as a priority on top of your job, family and pets can be overwhelming. This can leave you stressed and overwhelmed, especially times when you want to ditch doing the laundry or leave the dishes unwashed. You have more free time for yourself, to do the things you love for eg: like taking your children out for a fun day or spending some quiet time with your spouse watching your favorite TV show or cooking a meal in a shining house that is stress free and neatly organized. 


When you hire a maid in Al Quoz from Justlife, you do not have to worry about anything, our reliable, trustworthy, verified maids will take care of everything from cleaning equipments to getting the work done. We bet you would have a wide smile on your face once you see your house shining and sparkling. Our maid can keep your house clean on a more consistent basis as she can do the cleaning daily. Most of the people today are getting lazy with time and their routine hectic jobs which makes them dull and body lazy. Nobody likes to scrub floors of the bathroom or the kitchen for tough stains, it can be exhausting and frustrating. But having trained professionals cleaning your house means they know exactly the right techniques and methods to get those tough stains off the floor without spending too much time and effort like you put in. So why not invest in a maid who would get all your household work like a magical genie while you take a backseat and relax. If you prefer to get the work only on a weekend then, our maid can clean your house only on weekends. Whatever day suits you, we are there to give you the best of services without any hassles.


We bet hiring a maid from Justlife can help you lead a peaceful life and reduce your stress. It’s worth the try. Why tire yourself by doing all the household chores by yourself? Do you miss the ‘me’ time? If your answer is yes and you live in and around Al Quoz, then you sure need to hire a maid in Al Quoz from Justlife. Hiring a maid, of course, will give you your free time and make your life tension free. 

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