Maids & House Maids in Sharjah

Maids & House Maids in Sharjah

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Best Maids in Sharjah

Cleaning house is not always an easy task, specially when you have kids. The mess is just right around the corner. Even if you pick everything up and set the house, it would take hardly 15 minutes for the kids to mess it up. JustMop will make your all cleaning problems disappear. Forget cleaning the rooms and let the maids in Sharjah get your whole house cleaned. Download our app and we will come to your place and clean it for you.

Our maid service in Sharjah has various steps, we will scrub your floor, mop them, vacuum the carpets, shake the rugs, empty the trash cans, dust the surfaces. Your cleaning worries are now our responsibility. So let our maids dust those furniture, remove those corner cobwebs, clean the dishes and leave your house sparking from all the angles.

The maid service in Sharjah includes end to end house cleaning. Be it your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen the results is spectacular.

Bedrooms: Vacuum all floors surfaces, vacuum stairs, vacuum walking closet, vacuum all floors, mop all floors, empty trash, dust plant leaves, dust and clean doors, dust picture frames, dust lampshades, clean glass tables, clean mirrors, change linens and make beds.

Bathroom: Clean and disinfect showers, clean mirrors, clean and disinfect sinks, empty trash, clean and disinfect toilets, clean towel bars, clean and disinfect faucets, vacuum and mop the floor.

Kitchen: Clean and disinfect counters, counter tops, clean the small appliances, clean the stove, clean the refrigerator exterior, clean and disinfect the sink, clean the microwave from inside as well as outside, clean the dishwasher front, clean all the cabinet fronts, clean the inside or the glass doors if any.

Living room: Remove cobwebs, dust all the windows, dust and the table tops, legs, polish them if required, vacuum the hallway, vacuum the carpets and the floor, dust the doors, ceiling, dust the wall hangings and lights and lamps. Our services also include dusting ceiling fans, table fans, cleaning exhaust fans.

In addition to the above, our team will also take care of extra vacuuming & dusting throughout the house, dusting all the walls and ceilings, dusting all wooden furniture and polishing them too if required, vacuuming under and behind all the moveable furniture, wiping all the common surfaces like baseboards, doors and door jambs, windows, frames and switch plates, wiping all light fixtures, vacuuming all upholstered furniture, deep cleaning and sanitizing all bathrooms with special scrubbing for tiles and glass doors, deep cleaning the kitchen including inside of microwave and refrigerator, dirty dishes, removing trash, cleaning all the pictures and wall-hangings individually.

Our maids are very consistent. They are committed to deliver excellent work. Our maids are trustworthy and have a good record in quality work. We totally understand that you want your house clean and it is not easy to find the perfect maid who can treat your house the right way. That is why it is very important to select the right house cleaning company. So if you want to spend some quality time at your home alone or with your family, just give us a thought and let our maids take care of the home. They are thoroughly trained, fluent in English, always in uniform and most importantly trustworthy. All our maids are one on one interviewed. They have proper background checked and are well trained ensuring you receive complete satisfaction with our cleaning services.

Every room is cleaned throughly making sure it is shiny and spotless. We make sure to clean every surface, make them germ-free. So leave your worries to us. Download our app and give us your details. You have enough going on so just enjoy a clean home without any interruptions or hassle.

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