Full Time Maid Services in Abu Dhabi

Full Time Maid Services in Abu Dhabi

Reliable full time maid services in Abu Dhabi

Comfort Cleaning at Your Doorstep

Abu Dhabi is the capital city of United Arab Emirates. It is the second most populated city in UAE. The city has a lot of skyscrapers and shopping centers like Marina Mall. The main focus is on commerce and oil exports. This is a flourishing city and there is a vast development in infrastructure and a very good tourist center. There is a large influx of population and it earns very good revenue for the economy. The Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a tourist attraction with marble domes, Persian Carpets, crystal chandeliers.

In the busy hustle and bustle of our daily schedules, time seems scarce, particularly doing household chores. There is never enough time to get things done, hence the house remains a mess. Do you feel you are tired every day or every weekend when you are spending time with your family? Are you tired of searching trusted hires for your home? Well, breathe! With Justlife your life can be back on track by hiring our full time maids in Abu Dhabi. Justlife is one the oldest maid service companies in Abu Dhabi providing best of professional services to residents. With over a decade of experience in cleaning, we know our customers the best as well understand their cleaning needs. In a city like Abu Dhabi, maids are definitely needed as the level of indoor pollution is higher than outdoor pollution. 

Our maids have serviced more than 5000+ customers that include working women, housewives, people who live by their own, senior citizens living alone and working professionals who are looking for an extended hand to get their home chores done. Whether you need our services daily, weekly or monthly, Justlife has cost-effective prices and reliable maid services that meet all your cleaning needs that leaves your home with a neat and tidy look. Our customers refer us to their friends and family and thus we are always on the edge to stay updated on cleaning equipments that deliver the best value to us. With a full time maids in Abu Dhabi in your home, you can enjoy some quiet time for yourself.


Our full time maids are trained in various aspects of cleaning and maintenance of clean and sparkling home injecting positivity and good luck in the home atmosphere. Our full time maids in Abu Dhabi are fully trained to handle any situation as well as take care of the house and the children too. Their backgrounds are verified by the companies recruiting them and also teach them cleanliness and literacy thus enabling them to lead a respected life with their earnings and improve their life too. The employment of full time maids in Abu Dhabi has taken a new high and various reputed companies are hiring and training women to be independent and lead a very good life too thus helping them as well relieving the overworked spouses in the family who can work tension free in the office when their houses are managed efficiently by the reliable maids and ensure a clean and well-maintained home too.

Our full time maids from Justlife take very good care of the house and help in picking up the children and from school and they accompany the children to their tutorial class and also the sport activities are taken care of. The working spouses breathe a sigh of relief when they come home and relax for some time. The full time maids can also help in cooking and are given the training to handle the vacuum cleaner, washing machine and the dishwashing machine as well as the mixer and grinder and also handle the visitors who come in the absence of the householders. It is a really big boon for the working couples and they are also taught mannerisms and gently handle the kids too. Get in touch with us today!

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