Maids & House Maids in Abu Dhabi

Maids & House Maids in Abu Dhabi

Best Maids In Abu Dhabi

Best Maids In Abu Dhabi

Things to consider before hiring a housemaid in Abu Dhabi.


 Hiring a housemaid is a smart choice for any household in Abu Dhabi. Because of the hectic city life, time is a big constraint for all families here. Hiring a housemaid in Abu Dhabi not only provides you with more time but also reduces the stress and strain of housekeeping. But before hiring maid service in Abu Dhabi, one should consider the following things.


 • Legal formalities: Make sure that the maid hired holds a proper work permit as required by the ministry. In case, an illegal maid is hired it attracts a penalty of DH 50,000. Hiring a maid from a reputed cleaning agency is the best option as it provides you with peace of mind.

Work expectation: Always discuss with the agency regarding the type of work expected from Abu Dhabi maids. This way the agency will be able to provide you with maids that match your requirements.

Number of hours: Most of the house cleaning services Abu Dhabi charge on an hourly rate. By discussing with the agency your work requirements, they will be able to provide a rough estimate of the number of hours required.

Referrals: Check with your friends and relatives regarding maid service Abu Dhabi. This is the best way to obtain the most efficient cleaning service.

Insurance: Always check with the company whether they have insured their maids. There are times when they have to do risky jobs like cleaning window sill. Having an insurance provides you with peace of mind.


Hiring house maid Abu Dhabi is not a difficult task considering the number of cleaning agencies that have mushroomed in the city in the past few years. But keeping the above tips in mind will provide you with the best maids in Abu Dhabi


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